To buy pneumatic pump series - Qingzhou Younaite Machinery Co. Ltd.


To buy pneumatic pump series - Qingzhou Younaite Machinery Co. Ltd.

Qingzhou Younaite Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula Qingzhou City, founded in 1991, the company set research and development, environmental protection, energy saving pneumatic equipment manufacturing and sales.

Company products: superconducting heat pipe heat exchanger series, pneumatic pump series, rod scraper, gear box series, opening roller, chuck series products such as 20, Austria Zimmer printing machine, Japan Toshin printing machine series accessories, products are exported to over more than 20 provinces and cities, by the users!

Development and production of circular net glue recycling system, main features: the system uses new technology in Western Europe ZIMMER - AUSTRIA international high-end, without artificial chemicals, and unloading braised in sealed head, automatic procedure, will use the entire circle (Ni) together with a head braised clean bright as new. The process has no noise, zero pollution and zero emission. Usually, every round (nickel) net billet can be reused 3-5 times after peeling. The cost is only about 10 yuan, which not only greatly reduces the cost of network printing. For enterprises to reduce the purchase of new nickel network of mobile funds, but also for enterprises to reduce production costs and improve competitiveness has a decisive advantage. At the same time, the resources, water, electricity and pollution to the environment are reduced. The system has won the national patent, and has obtained the support fund of the New Technology Association of energy saving and emission reduction. Younaite in energy saving and environmental protection, benefit of mankind, with high quality, durable, preferential "for the purpose, dedication to customer service.

Let us work together to create a win-win situation!

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