What are the features of pre shrinking machines for the precontracting manufacturers


What are the features of pre shrinking machine? We have to pre shrinking machine manufacturers - Qingzhou Younaite Machinery Co., Ltd., as we detail the characteristics of sanforizer's, the total is divided into the following six points:

1. to adapt to wide variety: suitable for cotton, polyester cotton, corduroy, velveteen series, yarn dyed fabric, linen fabric, has certain compatibility to other fabrics.

2. good effect: full, soft, clear pattern.

3., advanced control technology: electronic side axis synchronization control device, multi unit AC variable frequency speed regulation, PLC control, human-machine interface intelligent operation, touch screen intelligent control system, all parameters can be digitally displayed.

4. the safety is strong: the cloth and the cloth are equipped with infrared induction device to protect the safety of the operator. Other important parts are equipped with photoelectric detection, and equipped with emergency hand pull safety protection switch.

5. fabric tension is small: the tension between the units is monitored automatically, the speed ratio is synchronous, and the fabric tension is constant.

The 6. process is good: the frequency, speed and tension can be monitored on line, and the operation is strong.

Qingzhou Younaite Machinery Co., Ltd., is the domestic textile machinery professional production base. The company's production of pre - shrinkage combined machine, oriented to customer demand, the product technology is leading, safe and efficient, to win the new and old users of the consistent praise. Welcome the subscribers to order!

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