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Analysis of the reasons why RF connector manufacturers choose engineering thermoplastic materials

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Recently, when some engineers came to the company, they always asked the same question: Why do RF connectors use engineering thermoplastic materials? In line with the tenet of "highly responsible and enthusiastic service", engineer Liu of Guangzhou Haolong Electronics, a connector agent in South China, discussed with you the mystery of why engineering thermoplastic materials are so popular among manufacturers.

According to Engineer Liu, engineering plastics have key properties such as good toughness, dimensional stability, high impedance, chemical resistance, short-term thermal stability, and long-term aging resistance. These advantages are beyond the reach of other materials. He also mentioned that choosing this material is not only because it has these advantages, but from another perspective, it is also the inevitable result of technological development.

In recent years, the technology trend of connector production and development has greatly changed the connector market. With the popularity of high-sealed packaging and miniaturization trends, today's connector designs require higher performance in a smaller space, thus exhibiting a thinner wall thickness. The plastic raw material should be able to meet the design of filling the thin wall on the longer connector body, maintain the original performance, and also meet the requirements of cost and production man-hours.

People are now developing better flow plastic raw materials to meet the requirements of thin pipe, and allow faster production cycle time. Today, plastics are constantly exposed to high temperatures during the manufacturing cycle and the subsequent molding production cycle. For example, mounting smaller components on high-density circuit boards has gradually adopted surface mount technology, which can provide a more reliable integrated circuit board at a lower price. This obvious trend in the connector industry requires connector materials with better high temperature performance, pressure resistance in a smaller space, and lower cost.

As connection technologies are constantly being updated, connector designs are constantly changing. Subsequently, the requirements for the performance of plastic materials for connectors have also changed greatly. In fact, for plastics used in connectors, designers, manufacturers and end users of connectors are constantly putting forward new features and higher characteristic requirements, that is, they have good temperature and physical properties at the same time in these key places.

Engineer Liu concluded that the performance of the connector itself largely depends on the physical properties of the engineering used. The connector body must have good physical characteristics and manufacturing performance. Polymers must offer good toughness and dimensional stability, along with electrical properties such as high resistance and insulation. When choosing raw materials, designers combine various aspects of reality and select materials after strict comparative tests. Only in this way can the connector work more stably.


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